Studio Néau


A-Musik Radio #8

15.12.2022 21.00


Culturcide - Santa Claus Was My Lover (Santa Claus Was My Lover / Depressed Christmas)
Kübler-Ross / A2 (Kübler Ross)
Naomie Klaus / B3  (A Story Of A Global Disease)
Hematic Sunsets Und Okko Bekker / (Weihnachten Im Aroma Club)
Hematic Sunsets Und Okko Bekker / A  (Weihnachten Im Aroma Club)
Greymouth / Twilight Furl by Greymouth (not yet on discogs)
Sky Needle / A1 ( Rave Cave)
Moth Cock / D2 (Whipped Stream And Other Earthly Delights)
The Fall / B3 (Wise Ol' Man)
Dead Kennedys / A1  (Plastic Surgery Disasters)
Hybrid Kids / A3 (Claws)
Ec Band / B2  (The Ec Band)
Des Édens / B5 (La Non-pareille)
John Fahey (Christmas Guitar - Volume One)
Joseph Spence / 6 (Living On The Hallelujah Side)
Gaia Tones / B (#002)
Butterfred / B2 (LP5)
Emeka Ogboh / D1 (6°30’33 . 372”N 3°22’0 . 66”E)
Pondskater / B2 (Way Out Ouest)
Various -  A3 Miharu Koshi - Belle Tristesse 妙なる悲しみ (We Wish You A Merry Christmas)
Sebestyén Márta* - Szörényi Levente* - Jeles Napok = High Days  / B3 (Karácsonyi Magyar Népdalok = Hungarian Christmas Folk Songs)