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IKOB - Museum für zeitgenössische Kunst
apropos #6
Westalgie w/ Henrike Naumann, Tom Bogaert & Merle Vorwald

12.03.2023 11.00

Diese Ausgabe von apropos ist in englischer Sprache mit einigen Videoausschnitten in deutscher Sprache. // This episode of apropos is in English with some video excerpts in German.

Artists Henrike Naumann, Tom Bogaert and Merle Vorwald have two things in common: they are currently presenting solo exhibitions at IKOB, and they all share an interest in the personal and collective trauma brought about by national histories. Henrike Naumann investigates the repercussions of the so-called German reunification through the vehicle of furniture and interior design. Tom Bogaert calls attention to Flemish nationalism through his former involvement in a flag thrower’s association. And Merle Vorwald mines her childhood memories of her Nazi grandfather to address right-wing tendencies in today’s Germany.

We asked the artists to tell us more about the triggers for their works, about their views on language and aesthetics, and what makes their collaboration at IKOB in the context of East Belgium special. Henrike Naumann: WESTALGIEMerle Vorwald: DAUERGLOSS and Tom Bogaert: VENDELZWAAIER – FLAGGENWERFER are on view at IKOB through 16.04.2023. The exhibitions are curated by Frank-Thorsten Moll.

Featured (sound)tracks:

Guerre froide - Demain Berlin
Henrike Naumann, Terror, 2012
Merle Vorwald, GGG BROADCAST: G1 (Ging nicht), G2 (Geht nicht), G3 (Geht doch), 2020
Badenweiler Marsch, Antifa-filtered by Sebastian
Vlaanderen - Renaat Veremans and Willem Gijssels
Vendelzwaaiers en wimpeliers Stoet Sagen en Legenden 18 september 1988, via YouTube