Studio Néau


Kneautwilg #12

11.03.2023 17.00 | 19.03.2023 16.00


1 Unknown Artist: Stereo Test (BP)

2 Savage Republic: Real Men (Independent Project Records)

3 Accou: Cabanes Flottante (Kerm)

4 Greymouth: Frayed Lines (What Lies Beneath)

5 Nein Rodere: Herzogshalt (Horn Of Plenty)

6 Biscuits: She's So Strong (No Label)

7 Laszlo Umbeit: Tripping Point (Sub Rosa)

8 White Saucer: Yeti 4 (No Label)

9 Valentina Magaletti: Migrain (Horn Of Plenty)

10 Rio Azul: Untitled (Mus Joutra)

11 Onkonomiyaki Labs: Radio Child Machine

12 Kalahari Super Voodoo (Bergpolder)

13 Stefan Christensen: 84 days (What Lies Beneath)

14 P Wits: Of heaven, part 2 (What Lies Beneath)

15 Nova Scotia: Exhaust (horn of plenty)

16 Pauwel De Buck: De Gebroken Roos (kerm)

17 Tortoise: Djed (excerpt, City Slang)

18 Michael C. Sharp: Es Est Kurz Am 12 (bc)

19 Asmus Tietchens: Schlotzen (Dradomel)

20 Leda: Heavy Loop, Riff (Kashual Plastik)

21 Carrageenan: Microstimulation (Kerm)

22 Burger Service: Niemand Heeft De Schuld (Bergpolder)

23 Rainbow Generator: City Of The Sun (Left Ear)

24 Slo-Fi: Mail Cop (Korm Plastics)

25 People's Choice: My Feet (Polydor)

26 Blod: Nar Din VAg Kanns Lang (Discreet)

27 Bitch Magnet: Crescent (Glitterhouse)

28 Eruk Dahl: Le (bc)