Studio Néau


Kneautwilg #14

13.05.2023 17.00


1. Lucy Monti: Die visscher van mien

2 Ian Middleton vs Tomo (unexpected mix because one of the records was skipping) &

3 Dead C: Three Songs (Language)

4 Roy Montgomery: Dear Imprudence (Knotwilg)

5 Ophélie Song: Saint Valentin's Day (Ange Magnetic)

6 Fiesta Er Al Vacio: Use Me As Your spaniel (Simple Music Experience)

7 Telomante: Entranto Del Futuro (Model Del Tro)

8 Front 242; Commando Mix, Live Genappes 1985 (personally recorded on a crappy Grundig taperecorder)

9 Haydee: Dub Trade Center (SME)

10 MLDVR: Posses Other People (Chemical Imbalance)

11 Warm Currency: Wash (live)

12 Main: Dry Stone Feed (Beggars Banquet)

13 Farbfelde Eins: Unter Wasser excerpt (Deep Distance)

14 Glen Schenau: Jearnest  (self released)

15 John Trubee And The Ugly Janitors Of america: Spanish Sunset (Cordelia)

16 Eternal Music Society: 7.3 excerpt (self released)

17 Marianne Rosenberg: Ich Bin Wie Du (Philips)

18 Simplist: Mister Guitar (SME)

see Fiesta Er Al Vacio

19 Group: Esoteric Free Africa (bfe)

20 Belgian Sidurgie Research: Best of VDB (Rep)

21 Francis Plagne: Untiled from Udge (HornOf Plenty)

22 Roy Montgomery: Birthday Piece For Varia (Knotwilg)

23 Nit D'Erotism: Vestimanta Sacramenta (Mascarpone)

24 Helen Island: You Sold Your Soul (Trigger Moral)

25 Kriminal Tanzkapelle: Verena (Klangfarbe)

26 Richter: Smetana excerpt