Studio Néau


Kneautwilg #19

11.11.2023 17.00 | 12.11.2023 15.00

1. Omit: Trench (Chemical Imbalance)

2. People Skills: The Trench (Siltbreeze)

3. Childish/Ming: The Invention Of The Tank (Hangman)

4. Black Boned Angel: Creeping Barrages (Riot Season)

5. Czukay/Wobble: Trench Warfare

6. Ensemble Nist Nah: Untitled

7. Antony Milton: Not Too Far (What Lies Beneath)

8. Gfrenzy: Shite

9. Alexander Lewis: Mirror Fragment (Blackest Ever Black)

10. Dites Safran; L'Haleine Du Temps excerpt

11. Cut Hands: Mad Woman (Downwards)

12. Abstract Nympho: Delirium (Static Age)

13. Jon Collin: Bronshoi (No Label)

14. Slowburn: I Wouldn't Think So (Apartment)

15. Mudhoney: Mudride (Brigand)

16. AK Process: Post Town (Output)

17. Bourbones Qualk: 100 Years (Recloose)

18. CIA Debutante: Paris (Swallowing Helmets)

19. Peter J. Cox: Get With It (Dosh)

20. Greymouth: Guinea Pig Has Eczema (No Label)

21. Simplists: Alex And Thud, v2 (Simple Music Experience)

22. Psyche: Saint Became A Lush 

23. COH: I Feel Summer (Gestell)

24. Beats Unlimited: Human Music (Hypno Discs)

25. O'Rang: Quondam (Echo)