Studio Néau


Kneautwilg #21

13.01.2024 17.00


#1. Drunk Hands: Serenity (not on label)

2. Tomorrowland: Futurist (burnt hair)

3. Anna Clock: Halver (fort evil fruit)

4. Maxine Funke: Clear (world of echo)

5. Kroppskänedom: Havet/drömmen (self-released)

6. K-Group: Transfers A-C (world of echo)

7. Thurston Moore: Kefferism (phase)

8. Eliza BC: Track 3 (chained library)

9. Uj Baïa: Lazad A Test (Tanz Process)

10. Unknown Artist: Topp06 (music for the other people place)

11.Populist: Thalys Theorem (dertriti)

12. Trendees: Be A rebel (epic sweep)

13. Datashock: Da wo die steckdose aus ist (meudiamorte)

14. Taming Power: 25-8-89 (early morning)

15. Slowburn:  untitled (apartment)

16. Eternal Music Society: Celestial Control (self released)

17 Rory Storm: Do You thin Bruce would like this? (chemical imbalance)

18. Gavsborg: Live at Patch Point Berlin (cassette blair)

19. Tutu Ta: Alley Cat (self released)

20. Vertical Slit (Jim Shepard): The Bed (smudge)

21. Harry Pussy: live excerpt (palilalia)

22. Futuro De Hiero: untitled (magia roja)

23. Schlammpeitziger: FX Randomix remix (A-Musik)

24. Wio/Weiland: Droom excerpt (gazer tapes)

25.  Ulaan Passerine: Light In Dust (worstward)