Studio Néau


Kneautwilg #5

13.08.2022 17.00 | 30.04.2023 10.00


1. Yves Montand: Le Telegramme

2. Little Skull: (Horn Of Plenty)

3. Jacques Tati: Mon Oncle

4. Thierry Monnier (doubtful Sounds)

5. Gate: Sunshine (Twisted Village)  

6. Mosquitoes: Outlines (Digital Regress)

7. Eno/Roedelius/Moebius: Tzima

8. Mythologen: Dinger (Hoga Nord)

9. Soft Estate: From one Estate To Another (mammas mysteriska Jukebox)

10. Thomas Bush: Time To Love (mammas mysteriska jukebox)

11. Komodo Kolektiv: Daratan Ceremony (Hoga Nord) 

12. Humbros: Bitacola (Champ Doner)

13. Tim Goss: Afterfly (Penultimate Press)

14. Theoreme: Foehn (Bruit Directes)

15. Vanligt Folk: Ett träd tar ton. (Ideal)

16. Taste: High Chew Rumble (I Dischi Del Barone)

17. Submissives: Sweetly (Bruit Directes)

18. Anna Savage: Saturn Again (Altered States Tapes)

19. Uoer: Abandoned Swivel (selfreleased)

20. Blod: Tänder Ett Ljus (Discreet)

21. Naffi Sandwich: Toxteth Train Time (em)

22. Societe Etrange: Futur (bongo joe)

23. Froid Dub: Frozen Chips Sandwich (Delodio)

24: Samutek: Untitled (Horn Of plenty)

25. Treasury Of Puppies: Sapfo Livin' (Digital Regress)

26. Troth & Chris Colla: Rain On Ash (Are you before)

27. Earwig: Out of my hands, over my head (La-Di-Da)

28. Crescent: Abstract Forms (Snapshot)

29. Flying Saucer Attack & Roy Montgomery: Goodbye (vhf)