Studio Néau


Kneautwilg #7

12.11.2022 17.00


1 Bowles: Two Serious Men (Kye)
2 Warm Currency: Spider Credit (Horn of Plenty)
3 Francis Plagne: XIV (Horn Of Plenty)
4 Little Skull: Untitled (Planam)
5 Surface Of The Earth: 338 (7"version Fusetron)
6 Garbage And The Flowers: Carousel (Twisted Village)
7 Gesellschaft Der Emanzipation Des Samples: Irrelevant Sound Effect (Faitiche)
8 Akrüul: Ritual Eins (Goldgelb)
9 Keller Crackers: KC (Marmo music)
10 Kobermann:  Gorillazähe (Goldgelb)
11 Akrüul: TR001 (Goldgelb)
12 Neon: Sultana (Beat Mix, Target)
13 Gunther Schickert: Tsunami (Marmo)
14 Sand: When The May Rain Comes (Rotorelief)
15 Stereolab: Grand Jour (Duophonic)
16 Pan American: Code (Blast First)
17 Dayzero: Orbit dub (Zam Zam)
18 Beatrice Dillon: Can I Change My Mind? (Boomkat)
19 African Head Charge: I Want Water (On U sound)
20 Humbros: Corso Fleuri (les album Claus/Matomah)
21 Buffle: Dead City Holograms pt2 (buffle)
22 Christophe Clebard: Microdance A Chier (Les album Claus/Matomah)
23 Les Morts Vont Bien: Les Morts vont Bien (Label Brique)
24 Drop Zone: On The phone (independant woman)