Studio Néau


Rhythmic/Rituals #012

12.03.2023 21.00

Ritual 012 mit einem Mix aus verträumten Ambient, experimentellen Klängen und abstrakten Sounds...  

Playlist //

Matthew Herbert - Day Seven [Foom]
Plants Army Revolver - Alpaca Vision [Avian]
Jonny Nash/Lindsay Todd - Mushroom Omelette (And The Now Prevailing Cosmic Anxiety) [Island Of The Gods]
Sébastien Robert - Exploring Conguillo [Meakusma]
Jon Hopkins - Deep In The Glowing Heart [Domino Recordings]
Ellende - Purity Is True Love [Smeerlappen]
Nadia Struiwigh - Dreaming About Rollercoasters [Nous'klaer Audio]
PST - Understanding The Sun [Shot Of T]
Redmath - Prophecy [Further Records]
Zvrra - Tired Beetle [Avian]
Flora Yin Wong - Unhappy Disclosures [First Light Records]
CV & JAB - The Maître D' Is Dead [Editions Basilic]
Notzing - Regreso [Koryu Budo]
CUB - The Shape Of Winter [L.I.E.S. Records]
Lucid Dreams - Implications [Astral Industries]
Ron Morelli - A Long Walk At Night [Collapsing Market]