Studio Néau


Out of the Kallaxy #5

24.09.2022 17.00


Sabu Martinez - Martin Cohen Loves Latin Percussion
I wah dub - Jazzz
Burning Spear - African Postman
Scientist - Laser Attack
Jah Shaka - Conquering Dub
Horace Andy - Money Money
Keith Hudson - Hunting
The Congos - Ark of the Covenant
Dadawah - 72 Nations
Yabby You - Beware
Serge Gainsbourg - Aux armes etc.
Mary McCreary - Singing the Blues
Viola Klein - Exchange A
King Sunny Ade - Synchro System
Shina Williams - Agbboju Logun
Outkast - SpottieOttieDopaliscious
Funkadelic - One Nation under A Groove
James Brown - Blind man can see it
Otto - Idyll
Gary Franke - Al Hamra
Fela Kuti - Coffin for Head of State
Mahavishnu Orchestra - You know, you know